My name is Kaitlin and I am an illustrator of beautiful things.

My work is a fresh and whimsical combination of intricate line work, cut paper and photography collaged together.  I love joining together the world of design and narrative into unique three-dimensional illustrations.

I am currently available for freelance work and commissions- please email me at kaitlinroseslattery@gmail.com

Some of my wonderful clients include: NPR, Darling Magazine, Il Corriere della Sera - Milano



Portfolio Sample PDF

My philosophy:

Collage is a combination or collection of various things. I have always gravitated towards piecing random imagery together as a form of poetry and visual problem solving. I create art for daydreamers- helping bridge the gap between reality and fantasy. My imagination fuels my illustration and moves me to create playful and conceptual imagery. I hope to bring my creations to life through fashion ad campaigns, book covers, editorial magazine spreads, and theatrical posters.


How my brain works:

I begin with a word analysis of the design brief, exhausting all possibilities of visual solutions. I frequently look to the dictionary and thesaurus in hopes of finding a new thread of words that spark interesting concepts. After completing the initial analysis, I then research reference images and previous examples to make sure my idea is unique and lines up with the client’s vision. Choosing the color palette is both my favorite and crucial next step, this helps me visualize the final product as I sketch potential outcomes. My thumbnails are usually clean and comprehensive, making the transition to final image relatively easy. Once a thumbnail is chosen I either find or make my own decorative papers and photographs. Using the chosen visual solution I construct the final product with my various materials into a unique three-dimensional illustration. Photographing the completed piece is the final step. I love to join together the world of design and narrative through a fresh and whimsical combination of intricate line work, cut paper, and photography collaged together.