The Small Win

It has officially been 8 months since I crossed across that long stage and ended my journey at SCAD with a warm handshake and a reassuring smile.

It has been hard.

Working 40+ hours in addition to going to school full-time was not this hard.

For the first time in my life...hard work and perseverance failed me.

Day after day through countless emails I have reached out trying to get a foothold.

No one taking a chance. Not one freelance opportunity given. No response.

After nothing from all the emails came the first investment:

300 postcards and stamps to send out....

NPR Shout Out

The first round- pretty, no?

Beautiful Charley Harper- Postcard Edition Stamps

Broke out the ink and nib!

So two months pass... nothing. New strategy! Pick 10 dream clients who could actually use my work without me having to change my style completely. NPR, Nautilus, Random House, Viking, 10 Speed, Anthro, Chronicle, Lucky Peach, Sasquatch Books and Darling Magazine. Found the proper contact info, the names of the art directors, and formatted all my new postcards.

30 different postcards distributed every day for 30 days to these 10 special art directors- Maybe a little overkill.

Lo and behold I not only receive an email but a shout out on NPR's website. It means so much to be heard. Even if it is not a job just yet, I am grateful for the small win.