ICON9: Inspiration & A Practical Review

First...What I learned/inspired me-

1. Jessica Hische- Having a consistent process (you enjoy) matters, it helps you get started when there's a blank page staring at you and also it shows art directors how you think.

2. Bridget Watson Payne- Always lead with visuals when pitching your book idea (you would be surprised how many people forget this and just do a word document) ***Make it pretty***

3. Anita Kunz- Work hard, embrace self-doubt, remove toxic influence, nurture your uniqueness, be kind, take care of yourselves, stay humble, student for life mentality (lots of golden nuggets here)

4. William Joyce- Carve your own: career path, conversation, platform, voice.

5. Jonathen Tobin- copyright.gov .........Enough Said

6. Hellen Jo- Put your stuff out there, HUSTLE

7. Antoinette Carrol- Look Beyond Your Own Fear, Determine your vision, immerse yourself, collaborate, use your power for good

8. Steve Brodner- Be considerate, be clever

9. James Victore- Seek the muse

10. Poul Lange- Everything...just everything he said was beautiful. Go look at his work!


Practical things I learned for next time- which there will absolutely be a next time!

1. Stay in the hotel or as close as to it as you can- you will save yourself transportation costs $$$ Also you can pop upstairs to your room for a quick change of clothes/nap/breather without missing too much.

2. Food- Research your food options for lunch/dinner when its not provided. You have such a short break and the exodus of peers around you is overwhelming-15 minutes. Pull out your phone, search yelp for options- another 5 minutes. Walk to destination- 10 minutes
(sometimes 15 because you will inevitably have that 1 person in your posse with no sense of urgency). Stand in line- 10 min. Eating- Basically have 5 minutes to eat. RUN to make it to the next speaker who you are dying to hear from.

3. Workshops- The longer studio based ones are the best I think. I found myself not entirely satisfied with the quick lecture based workshops but found Richard Borge's after effects workshop most instructive and helpful.

4. Apparel- Comfortable shoes (surprising amount of walking involved). Dress for the climate even if that means sacrificing some professional standards but keep a light jacket handy for the long main stage events because the AC is working overtime.

5. Business Cards- Splurge and bring enough-I would say atleast 150 if you are feeling a bit daring! Make sure they are a standard size for the love.... In the little name tag/conference badge things a standard size business card and a 4x6 postcard fit beautifully. You don't want to end up in the trash.

6. Social Media- Participate! Leading up to the conference and during the conference. Make sure you are using the hashtags and do your research as to who is coming to this thing- make new friends. Also entertaining byproducts happen such as @IconHulk

7. Roadshow- You will spend money, especially if Teagan White is there...her work is even better in print if that's possible. ALSO if you have a beautiful product in various sizes and price points absolutely apply to be a part of it.